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Expert Book Writers is the go-to place organization for book creation, design, and publication. Our clients come to us with an idea for their book and we transform their concept into reality.

We have a talented fleet of highly trained professionals including writers, editors, and designers that can work on any type of project.
No project is too big or too small for EBW. Our clients are as diverse as the requirements they come forth with. Drop us a line or fill out this form to discuss your project details with us.
Practically any professional can benefit by becoming a published author. Most of our clients specialize in some of the most popular markets and industries in the world. This includes finance, marketing, banking, information technology, telecom, sports, politics, teaching, and much more.


Simple! We offer our clients a smooth, hassle-free experience and provide them with their book in less than 30 days. Not many companies come close to that. Our system is designed to put the client in a commanding view of their project as they oversee every aspect of their book creation – from conception to completion to publication.
Becoming a published author offers immense benefits. A book with your name on it opens up tremendous career opportunities.

Most of our clients are interested in establishing their authority and dominance in the industry that they specialize in. A book is a great way to do just that.


It varies from project to project and depends on the magnitude and scope of the work involved. Most projects start as low as $699 for the entire project. The prices also varies depending on how many copies of the book you want, whether you want the book published in paperback or hardcover, and of course the page count of the book matters.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to fill out the form or contact EBW directly via phone.
Once project details are finalized and the payment is made, we will send over a Table of Content (ToC) to you. We’ll send you progress, chapter by chapter, until the first draft of the book is completed.
The ToC provides an outline for the work to be done chapter by chapter. We will send over work accordingly for review and approval every other day. Once all chapters are completed, we will give you some time to approve the project before we send the book to print.


You can choose between print, electronic copies, or both. We offer six different options for print copies that include hardcover or paperback.
Once your book is completed and all details finalized, we will print as many copies as you have ordered and will ship them to an address of your choosing.

But before we do that, we will send you one copy in print for you to approve. That way, you’ll be able to make suggestions and provide feedback.
Not only assist, we will provide you with one once your book is complete and is in the process of printing so that you can market your book properly.
Absolutely! We will assist you in marketing your book. If you want, we can even publish it on the Amazon Kindle Bookstore and the Apple iBookStore.

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