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Why Choose Our Autobiography Writers?

Our name says it all; we are experts in writing all types of books. Here’s what you can expect from
our autobiography and memoir writing service:

  • Professional writing
  • Beautifully designed
  • Ready to share eBook
  • Hard cover & paperback print options
  • Hassle-free process
  • Quick turnaround time

Autobiographies make for great reading. If you have achieved much in life, or lived through extraordinary times, our autobiography writing service can help you share your story with the world. Our expert autobiography writers have helped countless remarkable individuals immortalize their life and work on paper. They can help you achieve the same.

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Check Out Our Portfolio!

Over the years, we have written numerous autobiographies, memoirs, and family
histories of people from different walks of life. Here are some of the books that we
created for our clients:

Our Portfolio
You check out more of our work on Our Portfolio page.

How It Works

Our process is very simple. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned the process to make it effortless for all our customers. Our memoir writing process includes the following steps:

Tell Us About Your ProjectInterviews

There will be a series of telephonic interviews that starts with specific questions about your life and ideas that you may have regarding your biography. This will help the writer prepare the outline for your book. Once you approve the outline, we may call you back to discuss specifics about your life in detail and will help you recall memories from different phases of life that we’ll include in the book. To reduce back and forth conversations, we record conversations so that the writer can re-listen them as and when needed.

Your Project Begins! Proofreading and Editing

Each memoir is written by an expert, in-house writer. Furthermore, to make sure the content we deliver is error free, one of our senior editors proofreads and edits every draft of the book before it is delivered to you. To make your memoir memorable, we’ll ask you to provide pictures we can include in the book. This is done during the project because we format and design the book on the go. We are obsessed with delivering superior quality content.

Project Scope and RequirementsWriting, Feedback & Revisions

In most projects, the writing and interviewing processes continues in unison. Using the information provided during each interview, we create a draft and send it to you for review. This practice continues throughout the book writing process so that you can review and provide feedback on the drafts. It also lets you stay updated about the progress of your project.

Review and Approve!Ready to Share Delivery

Once the book is completed and approved by you, we convert it into your preferred format. Whether you want it in form of an eBook, in print, or both, we can fulfill your requirements. Printed copies are delivered right to your doorstep. Ultimately, we want to create a biography that you would want to share with the world. Let us know how you’d like to share it and we’ll deliver it in the right format.

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Turn Your Story into an Heirloom with Our Professional Autobiography Writers

We all have stories that are worth telling – don’t let them go untold. Getting a biography written is the best way to share the stories of your life and to pass on your wisdom to future generations.

We help you recollect all the greatest adventures and seemingly insignificant moments that somehow influenced your life and personality. One of our experienced biography writers then creates an interesting and inspiring narrative of your life that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren.

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With our expertise and attention to detail, we have successfully won the trust of hundreds of satisfied customers. Take a look at what our clients say about us:

Ready to Start Your Biography with Our Dependable Autobiography Writers?

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Frequently Asked Questions

An autobiography lets you preserve and share your life’s experiences and the lessons you learned from them with your family, friends, future generations and, if you want, with the world. It’s a memorable gift that will be cherished by your loved ones for decades.
The cost of an autobiography depends on a number of factors, such as the number of pages, the required format, and turnaround time. Call at 877-740-4797 or start a live chat to get a quote for your book.
We understand that having a book written is a long process and there will be need for revisions. This is why we have an unlimited revisions policy. At Expert Book Writers, only you can have the final say – after all, it is your life story. We address all your revision requests as quickly as possible, until you are satisfied with the final book.
While the time required to write a biography depends on the number of pages, we guarantee a quicker turnaround time than most other biography writing services. We can write, edit, and design your autobiography within 3 weeks if you place an urgent order.
Yes! In fact, we encourage you to provide us photographs from different phases of your life as they will make the book more interesting.
We conduct a series of telephonic interviews, at your preferred time, to get an insight into your life.
While we regularly update our clients about the progress of their projects, we also provide real time customer support to make it easier for our clients to get in touch with us. Whether you want to know anything about your project or want to tell something important about your life that you forgot during the interview, you can call us at 877-740-4797 or use the live chat feature on our website.