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Writing a Book – A Career Expanding Move!

Books are entirely different than brochures, follow-up calls, advertisements and interviews etc. Authoring one is a surefire way of boosting your career. The reason is simple. A book writer has an established eminence as an expert, they have already demonstrated their authority over the subject matter (by writing an entire book about it) and they can confidently boast of their command. Yes, a simply book can help you do all that, and a lot more!

It can all be in your future as well, granted that your book turns out to be a high-quality, well-written piece of literature that is highly-regarded by all who read it. This book is not only great for proving your expertise, but also offers some other, very practical benefits. An awesome book can help you gain further renown by:

  • Offering material that can be spun off into hundreds of potential articles
  • Working overtime as a handout in seminars and speaking engagements
  • Giving quotes to the press, because you are a foremost expert in the industry
  • Being gifted to clients, prospects, referrals, thought leaders and influencers in your field.
  • Offering some interesting anecdotes and excerpts to be side generously on your website or LinkedIn profile, ensuring your word is spread virally across the Internet.

Meridith Levinson, Former Senior Editor for wrote a piece titles How Writing a Book Can Boost Your IT Career and Your Income. Herein she told the story of the man behind

She starts:

“Jason Alba always wanted to write a book. When he started his own business, a service for job seekers called JibberJobber, in 2006, he finally had the time. One night in January 2006, while dining out, Alba shared his book idea—an explanation of how job seekers could use LinkedIn in their job search—with some friends who had books published. Alba says they loved the idea, and one of them offered to introduce Alba to his publisher and serve as his executive editor.”

“Being an author is a big deal,” says Alba. “Even if your book sucks, even if it’s small, even if it’s lame, just being the author of a book is something that a lot of people want to do. It gives you credibility.”

This is really a fun story… you can read the rest of it in the article. But long story short, everyone agrees, writing a book is great for your career! DO IT!

Your Book Is Your New Business Card… And it’s Awesome!

Only time (and the quality of your book) will tell how advantageous a book will be. It also depends on the career you aspire for. But one thing is certain that writing a book can benefit your career in the following ways:

  • It can help you find a job. Hand a book to a potential employers and in all probability they’ll be impressed. And if that doesn’t sound like a good idea you could always mention it on your resume as a professional achievement. There aren’t many published authors out there, and that’s why having a book on your CV is something that will make you stand out during a job search.
  • It can establish you as an expert in your field. Write an awesome book that looks great and reads nicely and you will have set up credibility and stature in your industry. People put a considerable amount of weight on the written word, and if you can write a book that makes sense and is relatable to other in your industry, your influence is bound to grow.
  • It can help establish your authority. Yes it is expected and even commendable that people work for years to land an important job. But experience and a graduate degree simply can’t measure up to the level of credibility that comes with having a book with your name on it. This is still regarded as the ultimate proof of your mastery.
  • It offers the opportunity to expand your market. A book is the best marketing tool you could ever have as a professional. It introduces you before you ever step in the door. It even opens doors for you. It prepares the market for the other services you offer. It positions you as someone with something important to offer. And it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

The Point Is, Writing A Book Can Be An Awesome Career Move!

As long as your book stands true to the following, you can expect some great results.

  • It should contain information or advice that readers need or desire.
  • It presents that information in an inventive or influential way, or provides information that is not available in bookstores already.
  • It is narrowly focused and full of meaning, rather than broad and shallow.
  • It is trustworthy, accurate, clearly written, well organized and well edited.
  • It looks and feels exciting.

You are the brand, and the best places for promoting your offerings, as an employee, specialist or consultant, are  industry conferences, relevant topic panels, online forums, and networking at events. But now increasingly large number of professionals also believes that writing a book can deliver a guaranteed boost to their careers.

Of course a book is only the start of it. It can help you create a brand platform for yourself, increase your market value, differentiate yourself from competitors, and discover new ways to grow your authority in your field. But before you can add the title “published author” to your resume, you need to spend some time and energy in setting up, crafting, and publishing your distinctive message. We can help!

Work With the Best

Writing and promoting a book requires aptitude and fortitude. Why not work with a well-rounded team of book writing, editing and publishing experts that promise to get the best results? Our book ghostwriters and editors can ensure that your message and voice are refined and polished to perfection. While our publishing and promotion services help you build and reach the perfect audience.

We can help you write a book on a topic you know a lot about, preferably one that companies might want to hire you to help them with. Positioning yourself as a problem-solver and a self-motivated worker will bolster your chances of landing an awesome job and open up new professional avenues for you.

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