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5 Professions That Can Tremendously Benefits From Book Publication

To date we have gotten hundreds of emails from people who want to know how our book writing services are applicable to their industry and professions. And we tell them all pretty much the same thing, “When you present your side of the story, an account of your life, or an extraction of your life experiences in a way that moves the reader, you are setting yourself up for long term success. A well-written book with your name on it will bring you respect, love and even reverence, no matter what industry you are operating in.”

Fact of the matter is that self-publishing continues its exponential growth. More and more authors are choosing this route for presenting their work to the public. And thanks to online marketplaces like Amazon, it is now possible for indie publishers to create and earn from best sellers all by themselves.

Here are only some of the ways our clients are taking advantage of the self-publishing phenomenon.

Teachers Show-Off Their Expertise as Writers!

Teachers have a wealth of experiences and stories inside of them. Getting it all complied in a book is a different story altogether. Some teachers might recognize when they have an idea or story worthy of presenting in written form, and they take the initiative readily. Many others need a catalyst to nudge them along. Teachers usually can’t dedicate the time and energy to writing a book fulltime. But they are capable of writing books and providing a positive model for our students. We value their writing and can help them polish up the manuscripts, add to them, refine and design their find it useful. We do all this so teachers can do what they do best, i.e. teach!

Political Candidates Look Great As Authors!

A long time ago, running for political office was a relatively simple affair. Politicians had their teams and once they announced candidacy, everyone took to the campaign trail. These days, a lot more is required for a politician to be successful. In addition to having a PAC, a super PAC, a campaign army, presidential candidates also need to have several published books under their belts.

From Marco Rubio, Rand Paul (and his wife, Kelley), Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal to Mike Lee, Claire McCaskill and Amy Klobuchar has written several books. They started are speaking to their potential voters, about their childhood influences and their visions for a far better tomorrow, long before their presidential ambitions were revealed. And that’s why these guys have managed to amass such large followings in such a short time.

And think about this for a second: Most politicians only spend a few months at most writing these exceptional pieces of literature that pretty much distills their learning, views and life lessons. Their volumes are often produced while they work full-time jobs as elected officials — and second full-time jobs running for reelection — which can make the reader question how much time they truly devoted to writing. Lots of elected officials have, of course, received professional help.

Bankers For Book Writing Are Winning At Life!

Banking is a highly stressful profession with a very unique set of challenges. And if they can somehow survive this very traumatic profession and make it past the age of 40, it is totally possible for them to turn out to be amazing writers. Some of the biggest novelists and writers have been bankers in their past lives.

However, if you are practicing bankers who also has some amazing book ideas that need immediate attention, we are here to help. We expect all our work to be measured by the number. And we only deal in highly visible, very well packaged deliverables that reflect very nicely on you.

Writing Is An Entrepreneurial Endeavour!

Writing a book can open up new avenues of business for the entrepreneur. You might not be a literary genius, but we are sure we can still get a book out of you. Book authorship can allow business owners to meet a slew of smart people. Some of these contacts can be very useful on a personal and professional level. Each publication of yours is the culmination of a synthesized thought process that may also other entrepreneurs as well as pre-qualified clients instantly.

Some entrepreneurs aren’t comfortable thinking of themselves as writers. May be they just don’t to take a risk and potentially jeopardize their reputation. As publishers, we can be their partners, ensuring they get to write, design and publish a stellar book under their name.

Autobiographies for Athletes

Sports personalities, athletes, rugby and football players and cricketers, everyone who is anyone in the world of sports can write a good book and sell it. Memoirs and biographies are part storytelling, part personal essay, part exposé, and even part novel. The more personal and emotional it is the better reception it will get from friend and fans.

It is a good idea to hire help for writing a memoir; an outsider will approach the project with objective professionalism. A writer can create dynamic characters even for autobiographies, making sure it reads better than most fiction. He can help bring out the subtle nuances of real life characters making them more believable and relatable or readers.

Turn Your Life Experiences into A Great Book!

We make sure that all our books have a clear-cut theme or focus. Our writers give each of our products an air of candor and candidness that endears your book to the readers. While the designers ensure that everything is beautifully-packaged. Give us a call now at 1-877-740-4797 and lets get started on your book!